How to measure the quality of quartz crystals

How to measure the quality of quartz crystals? Currently, how to measure the quality of quartz crystals is becoming increasingly widespread in contemporary applications. It is worth studying how to measure the quality of quartz crystals. Now we will delve into how to measure the quality of quartz crystals.

Visually clean, without cracks, with firm and reliable pins, and an infinite resistance value. If the resistance measured with a multimeter is very small or even close to zero, it indicates that the measured crystal has leakage or breakdown and has been damaged. If the measured resistance is infinite, it cannot be determined whether the crystal is damaged. At this point, the inspection method is to use a test pen, with its blade inserted into the live wire hole of the power supply. Hold one foot of the transistor with your finger, and touch the top of the test pen with the other foot. If the neon bubble turns red, it generally indicates that the crystal is good, and if the neon tube is not bright, it indicates that the crystal has already broken.

The common method is to create an oscillation circuit and connect the measured crystal to see if it vibrates. If it vibrates, it indicates that the crystal is good, otherwise it is bad. A commonly used circuit is shown in the figure: the measured crystal and field-effect transistor VT form an oscillator., If the crystal oscillator is in good condition and the oscillator starts to vibrate, the signal is coupled to VD1 through C1, rectified by VD2, filtered by C2, and amplified by a composite amplification circuit to drive the LED to emit light. If the transistor is damaged, the oscillator cannot start to vibrate and the LED cannot emit light. The inductance L is used to prevent the oscillation signal from passing through, and can only pass through DC. Among them, LL represents the measured crystal.

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