Why quartz glass tubes can last for a long time

Why can quartz glass tubes last for a long time? Quartz glass is the main new information for modern scientific techniques in the people's economy and national defense. Provided a small amount of key information for high-tech fields such as electric light sources, electronics, lasers, and aerospace. Quartz glass tubes are excellent glass materials and are known as glass. It has excellent low-temperature resistance characteristics and is widely used in the second and third generation of new lighting sources. It uses 2000 tons of quartz glass annually, consumes 300 million halogen tungsten lamps, and 15 million mercury lamps. It is also used in the production of xenon lamps, pulse lamps, atomic spectrum lamps, and other modern technology indispensable light sources; Quartz glass is composed of pure silicon dioxide, which is an indispensable high-purity material in the electronic industry. Crucibles for consumer silicon single crystals, dispersion tubes and instruments for integrated circuit production are all made of quartz glass; Fused quartz glass powder has a small shrinkage coefficient, high purity, and high strength, making it a preferred additive for integrated circuit packaging materials.

Quartz glass, with extremely low spectral loss, is the main material for making optical fiber; Quartz glass has a wide transmission range from ultraviolet to infrared, and has good resistance to rapid cooling and heating, making it an irreplaceable optical material for aerospace and aviation; The role of ultraviolet sterilization lamp tubes is to use quartz glass fibers and doped quartz glass for military applications, as well as quartz glass ceramics for metallurgy and acid resistant quartz glass pipes for chemical applications; And so on, quartz glass products play a major role in the establishment of the people's economy and national defense.

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What are the advantages and characteristics of quartz glass

For laymen, the types of glass may be limited, as most glass is "the same" in appearance. But for glass professionals, there are so many types of glass that I am not sure if I can list them completely.

The Formation and Application of Quartz Tubes

The formation of quartz glass is due to the high temperature and viscosity of its melt. It is widely used in the production of semiconductors, electro-optic sources, semiconducting communication devices, lasers, optical instrument, laboratory instruments, electrical equipment, medical equipment, high-temperature and corrosion resistant chemical instruments, chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, building materials, national defense and other industries.

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