How to clean quartz tubes

Quartz glass is often used in semiconductor industry equipment at high temperatures ranging from 1000 ℃ to 1300 ℃. In this state, the phenomenon of devitrification occurs due to the attachment of impure substances. The devitrification part is the crystallization of quartz, and the transformation point of crystallization is 275 ℃. When quartz glass drops from high temperature to this transformation temperature, the devitrification part on the surface is different from the high temperature of quartz glass itself α Phase and Low Temperature β When the coefficient of expansion between phases is different, the occurrence of opaque peeling under rapid cooling can lead to more severe cracking.  

In order to make quartz products last longer, it is necessary to pay attention to preventing the causes of quartz opacity, and the pollution sources that cause quartz opacity include alkali metals, alkali earth metals, sweat, saliva, oil stains, dust, etc.  

And 0.1mg/cm2l} k will cause a loss of transparency of tens or hundreds of times. Therefore, in order to prevent these pollution sources from adhering to the surface of quartz, in addition to not directly using bare hands to hold quartz, cleaning work must be done before high-temperature operations to ensure the cleanliness of the quartz surface. Generally, the cleaning of quartz requires some procedures. Firstly, rinse the surface with pure water, then immerse it in an acid pickling tank for a period of time. After removal, rinse with pure water and let it dry.

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