What is the breathability of quartz glass products

How about the breathability of quartz glass products? The structure of quartz glass is loose, allowing certain gas ions to diffuse through a network at high temperatures, with sodium ions diffusing faster.

The performance of quartz glass becomes important for users. For example, when quartz glass is used as a high-temperature container or diffusion tube in the semiconductor industry, due to the high purity requirements of the semiconductor material, it is required that the refractory material in contact with quartz glass as a furnace lining must undergo high-temperature and cleaning treatment in advance to remove alkaline impurities such as potassium and sodium before being put into quartz glass for use.

At room temperature, quartz glass can be considered impermeable, and at high temperatures (such as 700 ℃), the permeability constant of certain gases is also very small. Therefore, it can be used in high-temperature and high vacuum equipment.

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The Formation and Application of Quartz Tubes

The formation of quartz glass is due to the high temperature and viscosity of its melt. It is widely used in the production of semiconductors, electro-optic sources, semiconducting communication devices, lasers, optical instrument, laboratory instruments, electrical equipment, medical equipment, high-temperature and corrosion resistant chemical instruments, chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, building materials, national defense and other industries.

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